Meet Your Photographer

Hey there, I'm Trey, your wedding photographer! Nice of you to drop by. You must be super stoked to be looking around at venues, picking out the right dress, and planning all the details of your dream wedding. However the best feeling is knowing you get to marry your best friend, and then finally saying "I do". It's a new journey you can take together.

You both deserve the dreamiest wedding and the most authentic photos to jump start your marriage in the right direction. I am super stoked for you both and would be thrilled to capture those special moments for you.

The team and I are not just photographers looking for the next gig for our portfolios, but instead driven by an unquenchable passion for photographing people in love, and preserving the irreplaceable moments.

We value personal connection because it means we know you better, and when we know you on a deeper level we are able to deliver authentic photos that mean the most to you. Nobody likes getting the same Instagram photos as everyone else, because let's face it, it may not be authentic.

In short we are here to do more than just show up and take photos. Our attention, creativity, and passion are all yours starting from day one as we plan, shoot, and preserve the timeless memories you've made together for you to relive decades down the road.

A Little More About Me Personally So You Feel Comfortable When We Chat

Raised in Texas at the start of my life was amazing, but growing up as an "Air Force Brat" really changed the way I looked at things. There was in fact lot's of change every few years. New home, new state, new friends, and tons of new things to see. It was hard to keep track of everything, but luckily my parents always took photos for us. They always said "you'll appreciate these later" but at the time I honestly didn't believe them because I didn't understand the value of them yet.

Years later and after several moves, I bought my first digital pocket camera; "a mature purchase", my dad said, and began taking photos of the most random things I loved. Moving as often as I did had its up and downs, but mostly ups. There were so many things to take pictures of in our travels and I loved being able to save those precious moments. I knew it would be a long time before ever going back to most places. Still to this day I have haven't been back to most places but still have those photos. Looking back, keeping hold of those moments allowed me to feel again what I felt when the picture was taken.

After spending most of the years in my twenties photographing as a hobby, and three years of being married on top of that, I decided to put all my efforts into wedding photography. Chasing a passion so strong as this with the full support of my wife has been the greatest blessing I could ask for. However, I strongly believe this passion was not of my own doing, but primarily the giving of a gift from God. He has blessed me with great memories I can look back on, and I want to bless others with memories they too can look back on and cherish.

So where are we now? Residing in the great state of Texas along with my wife and son who bring me so much pride and joy as a husband and a dad. My wife is my best friend, and my son is an amazing gift. His laugh and smile melts my heart each time. I am so thankful for them both, and excited for the next little one to come.

Because of having ADHD I’m naturally energetic and an extrovert, so I tend to get really excited during a wedding, even without coffee (Lol). My excitement in taking photos spills over into the editing process once the wedding wraps up. In fact, my wife has deemed me her “peanut-butter jelly man” because it's one of my favorite snacks to eat when editing wedding photos late at night.

I love watching movies more than tv shows, but still manage to watch a few. I have a weird library of music that doesn't make sense half the time, but if you know of some good music I am always up for new tunes. I played ultimate Frisbee, rock climbed in college, dressed up like a pirate on a special cruise and even had a pirate name. Snowboarding and building snow forts is always a must when it snows, and hiking for miles when its nice a warm. I've lived in 7 states, traveled through half of the U.S., moved around 18 times in 20 years, and have experienced so much. So may great memories, so many awesome things I've done. But enough about me, let's get to planning your special day so you can look back at your photos and feel the same way 20 years later as the day you did when they were first captured. Are you ready?